Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everything she knows I taught her

"That's my daughter in the water, Everything she knows I taught her."

That song got stuck in my head after watching the end of the movie Knocked Up on TV today. But how true those lyrics are....everything she knows I taught her. When your child is a baby, all she knows is what you show her and what you teach her.

Emma Jo has started making this funny face and I didn't know where it had come from until I realized that it was an imitation of the face I make at her when she falls down. It's like an"Uh oh!" face. She also does this cute little shrug of the shoulders to her daddy all of the time...and she does it because she knows it's cute and it gets him to sweep her up in his arms everytime.

Little girls are different. You just can't argue it. My boys are wonderful and I am honestly one of those moms that didn't feel like she HAD to have a little girl. Boys will tell their mommies that they look pretty and give sweet sugars and are great snugglers, but there is something very special about a little girl.

I feel so blessed to have a daughter. Seth's granddad says, "God choses who He gives His little girls to." Well, we are certainly blessed to have her in our family.

Love you, baby Emma Jo!

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