Thursday, July 22, 2010

Giving Thanks Today

It's not Thanksgiving, but today I woke up in a thankful mood. I know it was a direct result of the prayers I prayed last night.

Yesterday I was more annoyed than usual about the state of our home. A few months ago, we took out a mortgage on our paid-for home to remodel and make improvements. Most of what we set out to do is completed. (We enclosed our back porch to make an additional bedroom, so everyone could have their own room, added a large master bath and closet, and made a separate laundry nook. We also got a new metal roof.) But there are several things that are not complete and a few projects that we thought would would have the money to do, but did not get to. So, right now, we are still without floors in the master bath and hallway (the guy is supposed to come today and give us a quote...finally!!!) and our sunroom is unfinished. We still need to paint and replace some siding outside. The kitchen counter tops and kids' bathroom look as if they will not be improved upon anytime soon and forget about new blinds right now.

Before I went to bed last night, I prayed that God would bring me peace about our situation. And it worked. I woke up this morning, looked around and decided that things were pretty good. Yes, my house is not the dream home I had imagined, BUT my family is healthy, we are happy, we have enough food on the table to eat and clothes on our backs. And really the improvements we were able to make are great! I took a bath last night in my big jacuzzi tub, Seth and I finally have our own sinks so he can't complain about my hair being everywhere, and I can put the kids down for their naps and bedtimes in their own rooms and nobody gets anybody else up. I really do love my home, but I am more thankful for the things that cannot be bought - I love my husband and my babies and I am so grateful for my wonderful family. Life is good and God has been good to us.

Give thanks to Him today!


  1. What a great outlook! We are in the same boat and you've just inspired me to take a step back and realize just how lucky I am that we are all healthy and have a roof over our heads. Even if it does have a hole in it! lol - Meredith

  2. Thanks, Meredith. Sorry to hear about your roof! We initially started this project because of our roof. Every time it rained I would run around strategically placing bowls here and there to catch the water...not good!

  3. No home is perfect -- even the ones in the glossy photographs of magazines. Years from now you won't remember the imperfect things, but you will remember the fun and funny moments under its roof.

  4. Thanks, Aunt Jan. I did think of that as I looked at the old pictures of the Hanover house. I always remembered that house as "perfect" but if you look at the picture of us on the porch, you can see peeling paint on the door frame. :)