Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Interest in Pinterest!

I am loving Pinterest. It is an online pin board, where people can post and share pictures of things that they like. You will see everything from pictures of hairstyles and outfits to home decor and design to crafty ideas. It is also a teacher's dream because there are tons of neat ideas for the classroom as well.

I don't consider myself a crafty person at all, but already I have tried a few ideas I have found on Pinterest.

For Halloween, we made Hershey Bar mummies to take to our friends at school and a pumpkin pound cake to share as well!

Today we made handprint turkeys to give to our grandparents for Thanksgiving.

Last night, I found this hairstyle that I LOVE!

Although Seth says it is too short, I may just do it anyway! :)

I have often thought that technology is bad for families, but I can honestly say that Pinterest has given me so many great ideas of things I can do with my kids.

If you haven't checked it out, you MUST!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Little Tomboy

Is there hope for my little girl?

Being the little sister of two brothers isn't easy. I have bought the dresses and bows....and this is what she prefers to look like. I love that she is rough and tough, but I hope that from somewhere under all of this rumble tumble a little lady will emerge someday...maybe???

Yes, she rode her bike into the
bathroom for bath time.

Your kids are who they are. We can mold them and shape them into good Christians, but at the end of the day, Emma Jo would rather wear Mann's clothes than her own!

And I wouldn't change her for a million bucks! :)


Make Us Courageous

"The only way we will ever stand is on our knees with lifted hands."

These words are from the Casting Crowns song "Courageous." This is also an inspirational movie that I have not yet had to time to see, but maybe when it comes out on DVD, I will get the chance.

I have spent alot of time praying for my husband over these last few months. He has some important decisions to make in the coming months. The path he choses will affect all of us.

Seth has never been outwardly....well, outwardly anything...he is a very private person, so I don't wish to aire his business here, but just ask for prayers for our family, as change is inevietable.

"Seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God."