Friday, June 18, 2010

Multiple Personality Disorder maybe?

Have you ever felt like you have lived two completely separate lives? I know, it must sound totally crazy, but I started thinking about my upbringing in Highland Park and then looking through old pictures, I found the one on the left. I was about 19 years old here, posing for pictures as "Duchess of the Gold Rush" for La Fiesta de Seis Banderas. The next year, I was a debutante for the Dallas Symphony. I drove a BMW and I spent my daddy's money like it grew on trees. I was going to college, but really to only for fun and to find a suitable husband. My plan at the time was to marry someone who made alot of money, and then I would work until I had my first baby. After that, I would join the Junior League and work on my tan at the Country Club during the summers while my baby took swim lessons there. Who the heck was that girl?! (And I have to laugh here, because any of my good 'ol HP friends who read this are like, "ummmm...yeah, that's what we are doing, what the heck happened to you?!")

Well, I jumped ship on my plan. I can pinpoint the moment it happened, but I won't go into all of that right now. But I realized at that moment, I wasn't happy. I knew exactly how my life would all go, and although it wasn't the worst life ever, it just didn't feel right.

So I retreated back to the sticks...Edom, Brownsboro, Murchison...Seth. This is where my old friends and family freaked. "What are you doing out there?" "Move back to Dallas, this is ridiculous!" But it was too late....

I was sucked in by backroads, friendly faces, sweet tea, cream peas, and riding the on the tractor with Seth. (Yes, seriously, like the Big Green Tractor song!) No one cared what I wore or drove or how nice my house moved slower and people still waved at each other. I know it sounds like a cliche or like I stole it from a country song, but it's true! It's a totally different out here then in Dallas, and I fell in love with the country life.

So here I am.....a completely different person than I set out to be. Yup, I am happy now! :)

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  1. Not that's what we are doing, but that was the old version.. Definitely has been interesting reading your second life. Though I also am not sure I'd go with "completely different person" because from the extent I see via Facebook, you still are the soul you always were, just in a setting that you've found works better for you to be who you like..

    Or something to that effect.

    Happy is good.