Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post Christmas Toy Analysis!

We have said goodbye to Christmas at our house. The tree is gone and the decorations are packed away! I am one of those who is always relieved to get back to some normalcy. I love Christmas, but I am usually ready to move on after it is all over!

You might be wondering how our Made in America toys panned out? Well, I found myself happy and annoyed at the same time Christmas morning. I was concerned that I had not bought enough things for the kids, so Seth went out and bought a couple more items for each of them. He bought Ranch Sets for all three and a fire truck and an Angry Bird stuffed animal for Mann, swords that make a horrible clashing noise when swung in the air for the boys, as well as a Disney Princess tent for Emma Jo. Were any of these items "Made in America?" Nope, not a single one.

The first thing that each child grabbed on Christmas morning were their Pillow Puppets (Made in America...yay!), but then they dove into those Ranch Sets. These sets are a mother's nightmare. They have a zillion little pieces, you have to assemble the barn, put batteries in the tractors, re-assemble the barn because they broke it. And I can promise you that you will step on a fence piece or trailer in the middle of the night and it will hurt terribly!

Here is just part of 1 of these Ranch I said, a mother's nightmare!

Emma Jo's favorite item and is still playing with it at this moment is her butterfly puzzle (Made in America!) I knew she would love it because she just loves puzzles.

As far as the other American made toys, the wooden trucks and cars have seen a little play but have not been deemed a favorite, BUT I know for certain that those toys will be around much longer than any of the non-American items. One of the two swords has already been broken, and I have already vacuumed up several small ranch pieces (Oops! I swear I didn't mean to!;)

I still have two American made Christmas gifts to give, to my brother and sister-in-law, and I hope that they like them.

It is nearly impossible to buy American all of the time, but if you just take the time to look, you really can be saving American jobs. Every little bit helps!


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  1. I so agree Mary. It really gets under my hubby's skin when he sees (made in China or made in Korea)
    What on earth have we as Americans done? It is time to get back to American MADE and it has to start somewhere....We all need to pull together and DEMAND these American companies to bring it home!

    Good post.