Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love is Cheap!

One of my favorite movies is Cheaper by the Dozen with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt. It was on TV today and I sat down and watched the entire thing, even though I have seen it a million times!

The movie is hilarious and I can identify with it, even though I only have three children. The parents' seemingly calm attitudes in the middle of chaotic situations is like many parents of multiple children. You just get used to the chaos that is your everyday life!

Here's the trailer:

The thing I like most about this movie is the message it tells. Steve Martin's character is a coach and chooses to take a better paying job in the city. He moves his huge family to Chicago to take a high-profile coaching job. Things begin to spiral out of control when Bonnie Hunt's character has to leave on a book tour for a couple weeks. What the family ends up learning is that although money bought them a nicer house and clothes for their 12 children, it did not bring the happiness they thought it would.

Often I find myself dreaming of winning the lottery so that we could build a nicer house and I could afford the best clothes, toys and vacations for our children. But as Seth is constantly reminding me, we have all we need. Food on the table, a roof (a NEW roof, he says!;) over our heads and shoes on our feet. The most important things in the world cannot be bought.

So, while it is popular in our day and time for people to focus and get wrapped up in their material things, we will wrap each other in love for each other and thankfulness for what is truly important!

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  1. So true!
    And yesterday was a great day to stay inside and watch a favorite movie!