Monday, January 17, 2011

It's disturbing....

Help!!!! I really just don't know enough about theology to debate about what I believe!

We were recently out to dinner with some good friends. We got on the topic of hell, and whether it is an actual place or not. Then our friend came out with this idea that was just completely absurd. He said that EVERYONE will be forgiven and will go to heaven because Jesus died for ALL of us.

So, back up! You are saying that a pedophile or murderer who shows no remorse and does not ask for forgiveness and even spits on the cross will be in heaven with a saint? Nope, that can't be right! So, this sent me on a tear through the Bible to prove my friend wrong.

But I found that most of my frustration was that I just didn't know the Bible as I should. I should have been able to pop off verses from memory to disprove his insane theory, but I couldn't. I had to whip out my Blackberry and set to work on my Bible app.

Nobody really knows what happens after you die and it's not my place to judge who I think will be in heaven or not, but this disturbing conversation just made me realize even more that I need to become more familiar with God's Word.

Geez, what if he was right? Wouldn't that be crazy???? More on this to come.....


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