Monday, January 10, 2011

Another hour, please!

I don't want to make the choice: workout or have my quiet time.

Really? I have to chose? There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day for me!

My alarm now goes off at 4:55am so I have 5 minutes to throw on my workout clothes. I spend between 45 minutes to an hour working out and then have about 30 minutes to get myself ready before I have to get the kids up and ready. If we aren't walking out the door at 6:55am, Mommy will be late to work.

When will God fit in? I originally thought I would just shift my quiet times to the peaceful evening hours after the kids go to bed, but I am finding that my brain is so tired by that time of day that I cannot focus. I simply need another hour in the morning, but I am not getting up at 3am!

Tonight I am excited to watch a webcast from Lysa Terkurst who wrote the book Made to Crave. This is a Christian based weight loss book. I am curious to see what she will have to say!

Dear Lord, Please give me answers. I know you need to be first in my life, but I also feel pulled to be healthier. I pray you help me better manage my time to give you the amount of time and focus that you deserve on a daily basis!

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