Sunday, October 24, 2010

This isn't supposed to be a lecture!

I was reading through my old blog posts and noticed an unfortunate trend. I appear to be standing on my very high soap box in most of them!

I had to laugh because the only other place I can be found on a soap box is in my classroom, lecturing kids about bullying or effort and such. But otherwise, around most people, I tend to be very agreeable. Seth regularly reminds me that my "nod-and-smile-and-agree" behavior is really annoying. "Someone could be telling you the reasons for wanting to kill you and you would be convinced that it sounds like a great idea," he says.

I tend to go with the flow, so as not to rock the boat. If someone says something that I disagree with, I usually just nod along, and listen to their opinion. Sometimes this gives the impression that I agree with what the other person is saying. Not true, I just don't like confrontation. So unless it is something I feel really passionate about, I just stick with my faithful nod.

I suppose that writing is different. I can write how I feel and then I don't necessarily have to answer to anyone about it.

So, consider this my apology. I don't mean to lecture and I don't mean to sound "holier than thou." I just have some issues that I am passionate about that I like to discuss...mainly with myself, as a I write. ;)

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