Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Best Company

As a working mom, I am used to never stopping. I wake up early and don't stop until late at night. This is something that working moms get used to doing everyday, so then when a break is given, it's hard to know what to do with the time you suddenly have! But a feeling I didn't expect crept up on me this last time.

Yesterday evening, I dropped my kids off with my dad and Trish and headed to the high school football game. It was then that I started to feel lonely. Even when I got to the game and was surrounded by people, I felt alone. It's funny how children, even though they may not be the greatest conversationalists, make you feel like you are in wonderful company.

After the game, I was thrilled as we were standing on the field when sweet Bradie, one of my son's best friends, let me hold her. Standing there swaying with her on my hip, I felt in the best company and was saddened again with her mom took her back.

So, sitting here now, I don't want to write any more in my quiet house. I am off to pick up my company....the best in the world!

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