Sunday, October 17, 2010

How long can you go without it?

Can you function without your cell phone?

Within the last two weeks, I have left my phone at home all day not once, but twice. Not on purpose, or course! I mean, who in their right mind would wander around without their cell? Just in my hurry to get everyone out the door, my phone stayed all by its lonesome on the kitchen counter.

I have to admit, I felt uncomfortable without it. What if something happened to one of my kids at daycare? What if my car broke down or got a flat? What if I missed an important call or text?

It's kind of crazy to think how much we depend on our phones. I remember turning 16 and my mom giving me a cell phone (a big brick of a thing compared to today's models) and I was only to use it for emergencies...and I did. I kept it in the glove box of my car and I hardly ever turned it on!

Fast forward 14 years and I freak out when I leave home without it. We don't even have a land line at our house. My phone and call plan don't even allow me to do most of the cool things that my friends and family can do on their phones. But I still feel like I have to have it close to me at all times.

Patience is something we just don't need anymore. You can call whoever you want, whenever you want from where ever you want. You can update your facebook status while waiting in your car to pick up your kids. You can look up movie times, research the best buy on items while shopping, find can do almost anything from your phone!

A friend of mine once suggested a media fast. Instead of fasting from food, you fast from your cell and/or Internet. I did it for a day and felt completely disconnected with the universe, but definitely more connected with God. I guess that was kind of the point! ;)

People used to live without cell phones and the Internet everyday and it's not like it was too terribly long ago! Maybe every once in a while, we should slow down and put the phone down. See how long you can last without yours! :)

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