Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Day in The Life

A Typical Day in My Life

1. I get up at 5:30am.
3. I spend some time with God.
4. I shower, put on my make-up, dry my hair, get dressed.
5. I wake up Daniel, dress Daniel, get Daniel a drink, brush Daniel's teeth.
6. Then I do the exact same thing for Mann.
7. And the same routine for Emma Jo (add changing a diaper and attempting to put in a bow that she will yank out almost immediately.)
8. Load everyone in the car.

9. Drop Mann and Emma Jo off at Minnie Mom's Daycare.
10. Drive 10 miles in the opposite direction to drop Daniel off at Noah's Ark Daycare.
11. Get to work just in time to make some copies and get the right date on the board before 7:55am.
12. Between 20 and 30 walking hormones known as 7th graders enter my classroom, with about as much excitement to learn Texas History as they have for going to the dentist. I teach. I break up a fight. I discipline a student for calling another student a "retard" or a "loser" or worse. I get asked "But why?" and told "But that's not fair!" a couple hundred times. 45 minutes later, they leave.
13. I repeat step 12 six more times.
14. I pick up Daniel from daycare
15. I pick up Mann and Emma Jo.
16. Get home, make three chocolate milks and turn on Diego.
17. Go gather all of the laundry and put a load in the wash.
18. Change out of my work clothes.
19. Return to the living room to check on the kids and find this:

And this is all before making, serving and cleaning up dinner, putting the laundry in the dryer, bath time, story time, tucking everyone in, folding the laundry, warming Seth's dinner when he gets home from practice, making lunches for tomorrow....

But you know what, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness. -Proverbs 31:27

(Hmmm....perhaps I should be watching more carefully!:)

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  1. Life can sometimes make you feel like your on some kind of a spinning wheel...Over and Over, the same things have to be done. I admire young women today who work a full time job and still are able to take care of their families.

    I try so hard to help my girls because I know it is difficult and they are very thankful for all that I am able to do.

    No matter how tired you get, just remember that your children will always appreciate what you do. Your work will not go un-noticed...It is how we give of ourselves that Blesses the lives of those we love.