Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I just bought a new CD by one of my favorite Christian bands, Third Day. The album is entitled, "Move" and it is hands-down the best Christian CD I have ever purchased. The song I am sharing is called "Surrender."

Earlier this year, I surrendered to God and changed my life. No, it's not like I was on drugs and got clean or like I was an alcoholic and stopped drinking. My testimony isn't all that exciting, but it was the little things that I was doing that were not God's will for me, and I definitely wasn't putting God first in my life. I also realized that God needed to be a central focus in our marriage and family, and in the eyes and hearts of our children.

I could probably make a list of people that I could dedicate this song to today. People who like me need to put their hands up and surrender to God's amazing grace. I am by no means close to a perfect Christian, but I am trying to walk with the Lord on a daily basis and make the best decisions according to His will for us.

There are so many who ignore God because it's just easier, or go to church on Sunday for show, but don't give God a second thought Monday through Saturday. My prayer is for these people to wake up and surrender to Him.

Your life will truly turn around, believe me!

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