Monday, December 27, 2010

Let's Start Today

Have you made your New Years Resolution yet?

I personally really dislike making resolutions. Over the years, I resolve to do things, but then fall right back into my old ways. There is just nothing magical about the 1st of January. It's just another day, so why do we act like a major transformation will happen on this day?

Seth and I both really need to work on being healthier (the traditionally #1 made resolution!) I had lost 5 pounds earlier this month, but saw all 5 were back when I stepped on the scale this morning.

Seth was out feeding the cows, so I texted to ask him if he wanted to do the grocery shopping today and he texted back: "Ok. Make a list." Then not a minute later, he texted, "I think we should start our diets today."

Absolutely! I couldn't agree more! Why wait until the 1st? I do already plan on cheating a little on New Years Eve! But what's the point in waiting for a "magical" day, when there's really nothing special about it at all?!
One thing Seth and I do agree on is eating right and exercising to lose weight, rather than using pills or quick-fix schemes.

So, here's the plan: The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise

Of course, Seth doesn't follow any diet exactly as he should, but I am a big fan of this because it's not really a "diet." It's more of a guide to healthy eating. It's about watching the amount of sugar and carbs you eat. Most people eat far too much sugar because it is found in so many foods you don't even think about having sugar at all. I also tend to eat too many carbs in one day, so this guide helps me count the appropriate amount.
And, in addition, for me, (not Seth! lol!) is The Firm workout. My dad gave me this workout several years ago and I have done it on and off for years. It's one of those workouts that you know works because you can hardly walk the next day! I personally like to feel that it's working!

So, we are ready to!

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