Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So Blessed!

My muscles are sore today, so that must mean my workout is working! I nearly didn't make it through my workout today because I was so sore and I may not be able to walk tomorrow!

But on the brighter side, it feels so great to feel healthier already. It's amazing what a good mood just a little exercise can out you in.
The Christmas decorations came down at our house today. Traditionally, I leave you our decorations until after New Years, but instead of rushing about this weekend cleaning everything up, I decided to do it now, when I had the time to do it right!

But the house just seems a little sadder without the glow of lights. We had them everywhere...the tree, the mantle and outside. It's crazy to think that Christmas has already come and gone.

A new year is upon us but I am hanging onto this week as long as possible because the new year also means back to work for me! I have so enjoyed this time off with my family. Seth and I don't make alot of money, but you just can't buy this time back with your family. It is so great to have two full weeks off to enjoy each other and our 3 little blessings. We are truly blessed!

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