Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Reminder Ring

As I was changing Emma Jo's diaper, I heard my phone ring in the distance. A new text message! I wonder who it is?

I quickly finished up the diaper change, went to throw it away and was washing my hands when I remembered that the dishwasher needed to be emptied. As I put away the dishes, there it was: the reminder alert. It's like my phone was actually saying, "Ummmm.....HELLO? I rang, did you already forget?" OK, when I finish emptying the dishwasher, I will go and check it.

As I am almost finished, I hear another familiar sound: "MOMMY!!!! Daniel STOLE my car. I was PLAYING with it and HE TOOK IT AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!"

As I attempt to stop the beating that Daniel and Mann are about to give each other, I hear the reminder alert AGAIN. This scenario could go on for hours!

Thank goodness my phone constantly reminds me that I have a call or text!

Sometimes I wish God had a reminder ring for me, too. During this Thanksgiving break, I felt as though I was not spending enough time talking to God. Being out of our usual daily routine found me jumping out of bed and hitting the ground running, instead of spending those important moments speaking with God.

Although I am not thrilled about getting up for work tomorrow morning, I am looking forward to spending that time talking with Him!

Hope you have a blessed week! :)

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