Thursday, November 18, 2010

Practice what you preach!

Do everything without complaining or arguing. Philippians 2:14

I recently was given a sign with this Bible verse on it. It is amazing how God will speak to you. The title of my blog is "The Power of a Positive Person" but how often have I been negative in my posts? ALOT!!!

I have whined and complained about the way others choose to live their lives or about things that may have not gone the way I thought they should. But truly, God asks us to perform our daily tasks, walking and talking with Him throughout our day, and not to worry or grumble about the small stuff. I definitely needed this sign in my life (both figuratively and literally!!!)

Much of my grumbling recently has been about my students. It seems that they can do NOTHING without complaining or arguing! But how can I ask them to do something that I am not doing myself?

Time to practice what I preach!!!

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