Thursday, July 29, 2010

You are changing that boy's life....No, he's changing mine.

This past Tuesday marked 13 years since my mother has been gone. I posted some pictures of her on my Facebook wall and created a new album on Facebook of some of my old family pictures.

I was shocked by all of the amazing responses I received from friends and family. People had such wonderful and glowing things to say about my mother and about me as well!

Even 13 years later, her legacy lives on. I cannot brag about my mother enough. I know people always seem to turn into saints after they die, but my mother really was an angel walking on this earth.

I recently watched the movie, The Blind Side, with Sandra Bullock. (LOVE this movie, by the way, one of my all time favs now!) There is a scene where Sandra Bullock's character is lunching with her friends and she begins talking about Michael and they ask her if "this is another one of your charities?" and all start thinking about whipping out their checkbooks. I laughed at this scene in particular because it reminded me so much of my mom. Always organizing a fundraiser or charity for this or that. The character in the movie really reminded me alot of my mom and that is probably one of the reasons I loved it so much. No, we never adopted a large African American boy into our family, but it would not have surprised me in the least if my mom had decided to do so!

My mom's legacy inspires me to think about what I can do for others. We don't have much, but there is still much that I can give to my friends and neighbors.

Share freely and give generously to those in need. Good deeds will be remembered forever. - Psalms 112:9

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