Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer, Slow Down

It is funny how my days start out with good intentions regarding my diet, and then things quickly go downhill! I ate some nice wheat toast this morning with eggs and romaine lettuce....then a few hours later I find myself in a home-cooking restaurant called Big Mac's scarfing down my husband's leftover biscuits and gravy...then a few hours after that I am eating Mann's leftover McDonald's cheeseburger. I guess the key word there is "leftover." No one is forcing me to eat their food, but something in me tells me not to let their food go to waste! Oh well, I guess tomorrow is another day!

The boys finished up basketball camp today. Both had fun and Mann brought home several awards to hang on his wall. Tonight they have their last regular season baseball game, but their team has already won their place for the district tournament, so we still have a few more weeks of baseball yet to play!

Somehow, the entire month of June has almost passed us by! Summer, please slow down!


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