Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Nice Weekend

It has been a nice weekend at our house. Seth, Uncle Clint and my boys went to the Rangers game last night. They had a wonderful time!

My Aunt Jan sent Kennedy a couple of cute new outfits and bibs that she made this week. Handmade clothes are so special. I wish I had the talent to do what she does.

And here is Emma in her Matilda Jane shirt that Aunt Lauren got for her. We have a few more Matilda Jane items for Emma and Kennedy coming our way, selected by Aunt Lauren. That stuff is so cute and really well-made! I can't wait until our package gets here!

Unfortunately, we are on the hunt for a new church. Our little Methodist Murchison church is nearing extinction, which has become a common thing for tiny hometown churches. Our kids will be going to Vacation Bible School at a large neighboring church this week, but I just cannot bring myself to attend a big church every Sunday. There is a something about a little church that I like, but as it is now, our children are the only children at our current church. That's a little too small! I also have a hard time convincing myself to drive to another town to go to church. There are many options either in Chandler or Athens, neither of which are terribly far away, but there is something special about going to a church just a couple of miles away from home, in your own community. I will definitely have to be in prayer about this important decision for our family! 


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