Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Hats

I wear all sorts of hats. Really, I am not a hat person, but I wear three main hats.

Wife, mother, teacher.

I tend to keep my mommy hat on most of the time. It's hard not to, with three little ones, someone is always needing something from mommy. And, of course, at school the teacher hat stays on most of the day.

But when do I put on my wife hat? I have to admit, it's getting pretty dusty from not being worn much. When we are busy, it's hard to make time for each other. And privacy is not something that exists at our house because it is a concept that is still being grasped by our little ones. I definitely need to work on dusting off my wife hat everyday to give my husband some more attention. I know he deserves it!

But what if I wanted to change hats completely? It's also easy to want to wear the same hats all of the time. I get into the routine of life and am comfortable with the hats I wear.

But I have felt pulled to try on a totally different hat. One that is not comfortable. One that is unfamiliar.

I guess it would be easier to keep my same hat on. After all, it's broken in and I know how it fits.

But for some reason this other hat keeps nagging me. "You know you have always wanted to wear me. What's stopping you? You'll never know how right I can feel until you try me on!"

Are you as confused as I am? Good! Now you know how I feel! :)

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  1. I think you should have given us more of a hint with the picture of the mystery hat...