Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

Been out of touch for awhile and I don't have lots of time now, but wanted to share a few pictures of the winter weather we have been experiencing in East Texas! It got bitterly cold for a few days, but we received no snow. School delayed until 10am last Wednesday and Thursday....and then Thursday night, we finally got what Daniel had been waiting for:SNOW!!!!!
Daniel is my little snow bunny. He LOVES the stuff. So, I am very thankful that unlike his younger brother and sister, he had not yet come down with the flu so he could enjoy himself.
And he definitely enjoyed himself!

Emma Jo and Mommy got outside long enough for a quick picture. Of course she refused to keep her hood on and her hat was left at daycare, so we were quick to get back to the warm fire after this photo!

For something special for my sick little bunnies, we made some snow ice cream. Of course, Emma Jo wanted to take more of an active role than Mann would allow.
Thankful for an unexpected day off. Grateful for good times with my precious family!


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